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Management Mentor develops managers and leaders who understand the value of developing themselves and want to continue that success. It’s based on the belief that employees being promoted to management are wasted due to underinvestment in their professional development. Companies are selecting you for your ability to perform, then failing to support you in your new role. My vision is for all managers and leaders to access the professional management training, tools and techniques you need to be successful throughout your management career.

Everybody needs a mentor

Mentors are trusted advisers that have been there before you. They have the experience we can learn from to prevent ourselves from making the same mistakes beginners make. Mentors offer encouragement, and help keep us moving forward.

Forbes reports from multiple data sources like Gallup and Dale Carnegie that 60–70% of employees are not working to their full potential or engaged with the work they’re doing. There are many reasons that might cause an employee to become disengaged and quit, but did you know that one of the top reasons why employees leave companies is due to poor management?

By developing strong managers, employees will be more engaged with their job. Managers will accelerate their own development, increasing their own performance—and their companies.

A healthy culture of employee development and career ownership

These percentages are alarming and can feel discouraging, but what does this data mean to you as a manager? I see it as an opportunity to develop a healthy culture of employee development and engagement through making some positive and constructive changes.

Management Mentor was conceived in 2016 as a result from multiple management conversations with several individuals. The conversations spanned employees, mentees, friends and family members, but the topic was the same: How to effectively lead as a new manager. The questions and concerns from these conversations kept repeating themselves and were the exact same ones I wrestled with when I moved into management.

1. How do I hire strong people?
2. How can I get someone promoted?
3. How should I manage a lower performer?

Navigating the management career path

These questions arise because as individuals are promoted to management, they are often provided no professional management training. There is no “Introduction to Managing People” course in college or MBA concentration in “First Year Management”. New managers are thrown into their roles with no formal support.

Free Manager's Guide
Learn some of the problems with which new managers most often struggle, along with techniques of the best solutions.

New managers are selected because they are strong employees. Their companies bet on them to play a larger part in the success of the firm. However, these managers are then left to fend for themselves. My friends, employees, etc. came to me for guidance due to my personal success and passion for developing new managers. They were hungry for direction and guidance. They wanted to continue their professional success and were looking for mentorship to guide them in their new role.

Upon realizing this trend, I took several days to sequester myself and write down the most common management techniques for new managers to master in their first year, which can be found in my book Management Mentor: Techniques For New Managers. These techniques are by no means comprehensive. They represent the initial practices that a new manager should master in their first year and are intended to be used in conjunction with additional Management Mentor resources and professional management training to accomplish that development.

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