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Techniques For New Managers is the first of a series of management books by Management Mentor using real life examples from managers, mentors and leaders who have been there before. This new manager book offers a professional development model designed for application and reflection. It is designed as a practical handbook to teach you the 15 most important techniques you need as a first-time manager.

Management Mentor: Techniques For New Managers

management mentor techniques for new manager book first-time manager help

This book was written for you, a new manager who has been thrown into managing teams for the first time. It addresses your deep fears and offers a way forward—with confidence—to successfully take on your new management responsibilities. From setting a vision to promoting an employee, Management Mentor: Techniques for New Managers captures the practical techniques you need to be successful. Designed to be read alone, with a coach, or a mentor, this book will guide you as you grow as manager.

Management books, softcover, 156 pages, 6×9 inches, published July 31, 2017, ISBN 978-1521479742, Kindle edition also available

management mentor new manager book first-time managers leadership



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