It’s rare during the course of your career that you’ll be expected to take on a significant professional task without training and development, yet companies are doing a disservice to our most valuable employees by sending you into a new management position without the practical techniques you need to succeed in your role. This is a waste of your exceptional talent.

The biggest challenges new managers face

Your company has bet on you to play a larger part in their success. However, they’ve left you to fend for yourself. Now what do you do? It can be tough being a manager, especially if it’s your first time. Even if you’ve been a manager before but you’ve been promoted or joined a new organization, you can still encounter a number of concerns and challenges—regardless of your experience.

You were a high achiever in your previous role, and as such, enjoyed a fair degree of independence. With a new job and title, you expect to feel more authority, but now face frustration as you negotiate your way through a web of interdependent relationships. Not only with your direct reports, but also with bosses, peers and others inside and outside of your organization.

As a new manager, you may also face a heavier workload than ever with responsibilities increasing and deadlines growing shorter. It may seem working overtime is the only way to get everything done. It doesn’t have to be that way.

We offer a path forward through the management maze

To understand the questions and concerns facing new managers, imagine management as a maze. Consider the myriad of roles that exist in management—managing, mentoring, leading and training. You then have countless ways in which you extend your reach into your team.

If there are many different ways to manage a team, that also means you have multiple ways to gain knowledge in the practice of management. This presents you with plenty of choices, yet no map to help you reach your goal or exit.

Once a new manager steps further through the maze building up experience, skills, professional recognition and confidence, there’s still the career path of the maze to navigate. Some managers are content to continue as they are, but for others it’s the opportunity to move onward—taking on increasingly complicated and complex responsibilities.

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Do you choose to go left or right—exploring your different paths and procedures? Choices are great if you want to take ownership of your career and invest in your success. You may not have the full map available to help you find the exit, but what you do have is recognition that you have choices.

You can opt for best practice based guidance from experienced managers who have been through the maze already. Someone who can guide you and help you at a high level, but also trusts you to do the work the best way you see fit. You can respond to what your specific organization and industry needs. You can choose to build up your on-the-job experience while focusing on certain techniques or processes in which you feel you may be lacking through books, courses or seminars.

Management Mentor’s time tested, simple solutions by real managers in top companies

Management Mentor understands the questions and concerns facing new managers, and we’re giving you permission to be afraid. Each person in a leadership position has doubts and obstacles they must overcome in order to lead, as fear is a natural human response to new situations.

Management Mentor has a way for you to work through your fears and transform yourself with techniques applicable to a wide range of industries. Our management solutions for new managers use a different training approach based on the Learn–Apply–Reflect–Repeat development model. This critical role of reflection in work based learning is implemented throughout our books, courses and seminars, and taught by mentors, managers and leaders with a passion for mentorship and who have been there before.

Once you recognize that it’s all a bit of a maze (and not even your employer has the journey all mapped out), it’s up to you to plot the next steps. There is no prescribed way to succeed in your management career, however there is guidance. Management Mentor is here to offer the confidence you need to take on your new responsibilities.

Because everybody needs a mentor.

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