management mentor new manager training seminar

Management Mentor New Manager Training

Management Mentor is pleased to announce its inaugural new manager training seminar, Techniques for New Managers. Due to high demand, Sean Donahoe has transformed the most requested topics from his new book into an engaging 2-day event. This training will … Continue reading

humanistic management conference seattle

Humanistic Management Conference in Seattle

Humanistic Management is is the pursuit of strategies and practices aimed at the creation of sustainable human welfare. It is an approach to management based on the idea of human needs and human values. I think of it as a world/work balance … Continue reading

employee development management mentor

Importance of Employee Development Programs

Per this 2015 career survey by the CEB Corporate Leadership Council, employees are not leaving their jobs because of their manager.  The #1 reason is future career opportunity and #2 on the list is compensation. Before you can improve employee … Continue reading

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